Forming the basis of our consultancy work is an exhaustive analysis of your current situation and needs, from which we then devise bespoke solutions for you.

System Engineering

A system always interacts with its environment, so for us system engineering doesn’t simply end at the physical boundaries of a product. Our approach and development activities are interdisciplinary and we see ourselves as part of an overarching system.

Prototype Construction

New technologies not only promise enhanced performance but are always fraught with significant technical risks too. Working in collaboration with Vulkan Technic GmbH, we can create prototype systems for you to demonstrate the production capabilities of a new technology.


Design and Construction of Special-purpose Machines

With the help of the team of experts at Vulkan Technic GmbH, we will ensure efficient and goal-directed implementation into design and work plans of the concepts formulated in the initial stages. System execution is likewise carried out at the Wiesbaum site of Vulkan Technic GmbH.

Concept Development

Concept development involves carefully examining the technical boundary conditions for new manufacturing processes, modules and components. We map out variant comparisons, benchmarks and concept designs for individual processes or entire manufacturing areas, thereby translating our customers’ ideas into viable solutions.


The Future? We Can!

Our wide variety of bonding techniques means we can bond all the common types of battery cells.

Applying double-sided adhesive tape in cell frames:

The machine is used to stick double-sided adhesive strips into a cell frame. The product is bonded on both sides. Thanks to the tandem pressing cylinder, it was possible to achieve a cycle time of less than 5 seconds.

  1. Unwinding cutter
  2. Turnover station
  3. Application unit
  4. Liner removal
Pouchzelle Klebeband Maschine Vulkan Engineering
Pouchzelle Abwickel Schneideeinheit Vulkan Engineering
Unwinding cutter
Pouchzelle Wendestation Maschine Vulkan Engineering
Turnover station
Pouchzelle Applikations Einheit Vulkan Engineering
Application unit
Pouchzelle Liner Entfernung Maschine Vulkan Engineering
Liner removal
Pouchzelle Klebeband Beklebt Vulkan Engineering

Bonded cell frame

Pouch cell clamping mat machine Vulkan Engineering

Applying compression pads on to pouch cells:

The machine is used to apply compression pads on to pouch cells. The adhesive pads are taken from the dispenser and applied on to the pouch cell. Thanks to redundant applications systems, it was possible to ensure system autonomy and continuous production.

  1. Surface cleaning
  2. Application gripper
  3. X/Y/Z portal
  4. Adhesive tape dispenser
Pouch cell surface cleaning machine Vulkan Engineering
Surface cleaning
Pouch cell application gripper machine Vulkan Engineering
Application gripper
Pouch cell Xyz Portal Vulkan Engineering
X/Y/Z portal
Pouch cell Adhesive tape Dispensing unit Machine Vulkan Engineering
Adhesive tape dispenser
Pouch cell Adhesive tape Dispensing unit Machine Vulkan Engineering

Adhesive-coated pouch cell

Spacer bonding on to prismatic cell:

Using the 8 vacuum bonding heads and 8 unwinding units, the prismatic cells are bonded with an acrylic foam spacer.
By doubling the stations, a cycle time per cell of less than 1.5 seconds is achieved.

Prismatic cell bonded Vulkan Engineering
Bonded prismatic cell
Prismatic cell machine Vulkan Engineering
Round cell gluing machine Vulkan Engineering

Cylindrical cell bonding with insulation film:

A technique for bonding cylindrical cells was developed for a noted German OEM.

Round cell example Vulkan Engineering
Bonded cylindrical cell

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Applying insulation film on to a battery cooler:

The system is used to apply insulation film on to battery coolers. The film is folded over at the edges of the component and the cooler is subsequently checked in a test station to make sure it is free of bubbles and then discharged. The bonding heads we now use allow us to apply a film width of up to 700 mm.

  1. Product handling
  2. Surface cleaning
  3. Film application
  4. Folding station
  5. Test station
Battery cooler construction machine Vulkan Engineering
Product handling machine Vulkan Engineering
Product handling
Surface cleaning machine Vulkan Engineering
Surface cleaning
Film application machine Vulkan Engineering
Film application
Folding station machine Vulkan Engineering
Folding station
Test station machine Vulkan Engineering
Test station
Battery block cooler floor Covered Vulkan Engineering
Battery block cooler floor Covered Vulkan Engineering

Bonded battery cooler

Side panel gluing machine Vulkan Engineering

Applying tapes to tie rods or side plates of battery blocks:

By employing various machine concepts we can bond the plates with insulation film or with acrylic-foam adhesive strips.

Battery block cooler Exterior view, bonded Vulkan Engineering
Battery block cooler, interior view, bonded Vulkan Engineering
Bonded side panel

Applying heat-resistant films (mica films):

By employing various machine concepts we can apply heat-resistant films to battery inserts or side plates.

Battery block Partition wall Mica foil Vulkan Engineering
Battery block Partition wall Mica foil Vulkan Engineering
Bonded inserts
Mica film machine Vulkan Engineering
Bonding head machine Vulkan Engineering

Mobile bonding head

With our mobile bonding head we are able to apply a wide variety of seals on to battery covers or battery housings.

Vulkan Engineering adhesive strips

Battery seal

Bonding head machine Vulkan Engineering

Bonding head


From job-lot production to large-scale manufacturing, from start-ups to concerns operating globally – we are solution providers covering both national and international markets. You can see a selection of our satisfied customers here.

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